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Artaud acuerda a Hitler y el café romanico

/In Progress /Pre Production /Premier 2019

Director: Kathrin Frank

Actor: Juan Manuel Correa

Producer: Rosalía Celentano

Assistent director: Mateo de Urquiza

Voice training/actor training: Cecilia Hopkins

Antonin Artaud while being in the psychiatric clinic of Rodez wrote a letter to Adolf Hitler and called out for a revolution of the theater. It reveals Artaud's resentment against a dead bourgeoisie theater, and at the same time speaks of his self-complacency in the face of the destructive theories promoted by National Socialism. The letter is a kind of totalitary concept of art, which uses ideas from the political field, which at the same time are coming from the theater. The letter is the basis in the theater play “Artaud erinnert sich an Hitler und das romanische Café” by Tom Peukert, an german author, who was born in Leipzig. The text reflects the idea of a new revolutionary force in theater and the letter to Hitler investigates current political, cultural and social systems.

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