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KATHRIN FRANK (40) born 1981 in Germany and living in Argentina.

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From an early age she was interested in cinema, theater and journalism. After graduating school she founded a youth show for a regional TV network, handling its production.

Between 2003 and 2007 she studied journalism in Sankt Augustin College, in Germany. In 2006, during her studies, she did an internship at Radio 88 FM, in Vicente López, Argentina. At the same time, she performed at the FIFA World Cup as host and reporter for German TV RTL 2.

During and after her studies she directed and produced her first documentary, "Ausgegrenzt - Zigeunerleben in Deutschland", on the stigmatization of Romani and Sinti in Germany. The documentary was sold to the national TV network ZDF Dokukanal and was broadcasted for 3 years in several programs.

To study cinema she attended in 2008 a documentary filmmaking course at the school "Taller Imagen", in Buenos Aires. Until 2009 she worked as an author and casting producer for the FIRST ENTERTAINMENT production company, which makes live TV shows such as “Die große Show der Naturwunder”, “Die beste Klasse Deutschland”, and “Die Quarks-Arena”. During that time she made her second documentary, on migration and social integration of teenagers through fine arts. That project was financed by the Ludwig Museum's Museumsdienst Köln foundation, in Cologne, Germany, and presented at its cinema, as well as screened at cultural and social events.

In late 2009, Kathrin Frank came back to Argentina to study Film Direction at the Universidad de Cine (FUC) in Buenos Aires. As a director and scriptwriter she made, during her studies, several short films.

Her short film "Aurelia y un sueño" was presented at several film festivals – the Lakino Festival in Berlin, the Tisfest Istanbul and the ISSF Detmold among others. Her second short film, "Intuición", was also programmed into several film festivals, such as the Alcine Festival Madrid and the Festival de Cine Global Online Argentina. Her last short film, "La moza y el cocinero", was currently at the Cannes Short Film Corner 2016.

She also made, as a director, producer and editor, music videos and video-art. She participated in several short films and documentaries as executive producer, line producer and assistant director. In 2012 she worked for RIZOMA FILMS as an assistant director and production assistant for the documentary "Alfonsina" by Christoph Kühn. The documentary was co-produced with VENTURA FILMS in Switzerland, and premiered at the Mar del Plata Film Festival in 2013.

In 2014 she worked as assistant and translator to director German Kral in the documentary "El último tango". In the same year she studied as an actress and assisted at the Alejandro Catalán Study's yearly acting course. She recently participated in Pablo Larraín's new movie, "Neruda" (Cannes 2016). At the moment she is studying acting at the Sportivo Teatral School in Buenos Aires. Also she produces and coordinates a woman and dissents theater in Buenos Aires.


In late 2019 she will direct the theatre play from Tom Peukert "Artaud erinnert sich an Hitler und das Romanische Café" in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Also she will shot her movie "Cruzadas" in 2019.

Kathrin Frank founded the production company Frei Films, to support her own projects and to produce audiovisual content for clients.  



Kathrin Frank



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