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Short Film Corner, Filmfestival Cannes 2016

CineFem Festival Internacional de Cine de la Mujer, Uruguay 2016

La moza y el cocinero

Info: (2015) / 00:13:59 / 4K / 25 fps / 2048x1080 / Argentina-Germany / Plansequence


The waitress and the cook have a fine Italian restaurant, but they deceive their clients and don´t cook. The sound of the kitchen comes from a cassette recorder, the trash is only paper, even the rats are false. A pizza boy delivers every night the pizza. But one night, he is late. While the waitress and the cook are waiting, the trouble begins and the unexpected happened.


Script: Kathrin Frank, Adrián Castro Baeza

Producer: Alexan Sarikamichian

Production Manager: Luciana Guiamas

Director Assistant: Florencia Incarbone

Cinematography: Nicolás Dalli Bortolot

Camera: Iván de Lara

Gaffer: Gerardo Velez

Art Director: Constanza Gatti

Sound Director: Federico Billordo, Florencia González Rogani

Sound Studio: La Burbuja Sonido

Post-Production Color: Juan Piczman, Retina Postpro


Cast: Romina Richi, Alberto Ajaka, Guillermo Pfening, Sergio Ferreiro, Juan Manuel Correa, Mónica Divella, Mariano Sayavedra, Antonio Verde, Ariel Peral

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