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Lakino Festival Berlin 2012

Tisfest Istanbul 2012

ISFF Detmold 2013




Aurelia had an accident and fell into a comatose state. She lives in her dreams and has forgotten the real life. Max, her boyfriend takes care of her since then, but the years go by and Max begins to doubt in her recovery, he´s scared of loosing her. As a last resort, he decides to modify Aurelia´s dreams, and help her get out of her current state. Little by little her memories start to emerge, but Aurelia is scared to wake up, Max gives her the last option.


Script: Kathrin Frank

Executive Producer: Maren Schmitt

DOP: Sebastian Rocha Villamizar

Cut: Valeria Racioppi

Art Director: Gabriela Figueras, Edna Mostyszczer

Assistant director: Juan Diego Puentes Mendez,

Gaffer: Jesus Rivera, Ivan de Lara

Sound: Renato Valentin Alvarado Plaza, Fernando Galluchi

Victoria Almeida
Pablo Gasloli



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