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Festival Alcine Madrid, Spain

Festival Global Online, Argentina




Lola and Alfonso, a couple in a long lasting relationship are about to break up. Alfonso wanted to end it a long time ago but Lola doesn´t want to admit and accept it. Truth hurts so much that Lola escapes through her imagination creating for herself an imaginary, perfect boyfriend. But she looses control and her made-up world is so strong that she can´t distinguish real life from fiction. Lola gets trapped between two worlds. 


Script: Kathrin Frank

Executive producer: Maren Schmitt

Assistant director: Adrián Castro Baeza

Director of photography: José Luis Cortés González

Camera: Ivan de Lara

Light: José Luis Cortés González, Andrés Bustamante, Jesus Rivera

Direct Sound: Renato Alvarado Plaza, Fernando Gallucci

Direction of actors: Viktoria Almeida

Art Director:  Elena Gutierrez, Adriana Ramirez

Cut: Flavio Alguilera

Sound Design: Ruido Rosa Sonido Independiente

Color Correction: Elena Gutierrez



Lola Lagos

Alfonso Barón

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